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Spring 2 News


Spring 2 is another short term but it is brilliant for learning!


We are carrying on with our ‘Space’ theme but instead of focusing specifically on the fiction aspect, we are studying all things ‘Non-Fiction’ including some Science aspects of Space and some of the world’s most famous astronauts.


In English, we are going to be learning more about information texts and how we can present our work in an interesting way. We will be focusing on factual information about Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and about Space in general.


In Maths, we are extending our place value knowledge to numbers to 50. This will include adding and subtracting using numbers to 50, whilst also remembering all of the important number bond facts to 10 and 20 that we learnt in the previous half term.




Cursive Handwriting

Year 1 Spellings


Chilli challenge homework


A huge thank you to all the children and their adults for all their hard work with the chilli challenges this half term. We have had a great variety – lots of models, pictures, sentences and even some pictures from your time at home!


Next half term’s chilli challenge grid is available below.


The deadline for Spring 2 chilli challenges is Friday 20th April. Please feel free to bring in your chilli challenge masterpieces whenever they are completed. We celebrate the work as and when it comes in so don’t be afraid to bring them to school in ‘dribs and drabs’.


General Information



1HA Monday and Thursday

1HT Tuesday and Thursday


Spellings - given out on Friday and tested the following Friday.


Maths - we have a new online system called MyMaths which all of the children’s maths homework will be set on. Each child has a unique username and password to allow them to log on and access it. The homework set is specific to what we have done in class. We hope you like it as much as we do!


Reading - please send reading records and books to school everyday. Once your child has read to you, sign the reading record and comment if you wish. Children can change their reading books when we can see that the book has been read at least once at home. Please don't be afraid to read a book a second or third time with your child - every little bit of reading is practise!


Talk to us - if you would like to discuss your child we are usually available after 3.25pm (after we have safely seen the children out) or you can make an appointment via the school office.





We have been learning all about numbers to 20. To  help us understand what each number is, we have been making it using lots of different equipment. We’ve been using cubes, numicon and base 10.

Maths - building numbers to 20.mp4

Still image for this video