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Welcome to the Year 4 section of the website. Please visit often in order to see your Chilli Challenge options, half-termly information updates and any other news and pictures.

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4CM Ingleborough Day 1

4CM Ingleborough Day 1 1
4CM Ingleborough Day 1 2
4CM Ingleborough Day 1 3
4CM Ingleborough Day 1 4

After a rather bouncy journey to Clapham, the children were sent down to the dungeon of Ingleborough (or rather, the cellar) in order to get their boots etc. Then, we had our packed lunches and headed out on our 45minute walk to Ingleborough Showcave!


After the children were impressed by some rock-solid formations, we headed back past the money tree and troll's house to the Hall. Here, we did the fire drill and had our dinner, followed by a nice diary-writing session and Colour Chase in the dark. We are now enjoying a hot chocolate and reflecting on our day.


Here's hoping for a good sleep and more fun to follow tomorrow!

Ingleborough: Day 1

Ingleborough: Day 1 1
Ingleborough: Day 1 2
Ingleborough: Day 1 3
Ingleborough: Day 1 4
Ingleborough: Day 1 5
Ingleborough: Day 1 6
Ingleborough: Day 1 7
Ingleborough: Day 1 8
Ingleborough: Day 1 9
Ingleborough: Day 1 10
Ingleborough: Day 1 11
Day 2

Day 2 involved a lovely breakfast before the children headed off in their respective groups. Lunching back at the classroom, the children enjoyed their sandwiches before doing their second activity in the afternoon. 


We have tackled a superb sticky toffee pudding and we now await the start of our dancing session whilst completing our diaries.



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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Day 3:

After a much better sleep, the children were raring to go this morning. Completing the final activity in the morning was no drama at all, before a birthday celebration lunch and coach ride home. 


The staff would like to thank parents for organising their children's bags and clothes etc, and also say that the children did really well with some tough challenges. They should all feel proud of themselves!


Well done 4GD!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Pictures so far.............

Pictures so far............. 1
Pictures so far............. 2
Pictures so far............. 3
Pictures so far............. 4
Pictures so far............. 5
Pictures so far............. 6
Pictures so far............. 7
Pictures so far............. 8
Pictures so far............. 9