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5BH and 5NP

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Our PE days are:

Outdoor PE - 5NP Tuesday afternoon                                                 

                      5BH Tuesday afternoon

Indoor PE -  5NP Thursday afternoon

                    5BH Monday afternoon


Take a look at what we've been up to recently.

We made Wartime soup using vegetables and oats. It tasted much better than the faces suggest!

Wartime soup

Chilli challenge homework Autumn 1 - here are just a few of the projects which the children completed this half term.

Chilli challenge homework Spring 1. Choose three tasks and bring in to school on Friday 15th February to share.

Spellings 12.11.18

Chilli Challenge homework. Please complete three separate pieces of work with a range of difficulty. Bring the work into school to share and celebrate on Monday 17th December.
Chilli Challenge homework celebration - Monday 17th December. Please bring all your work to school on this day.

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