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Our PE days are:

Outdoor PE - 5NP Monday afternoon                                                  

                      5CF Monday afternoon

Indoor PE -  5NP Tuesday morning

                    5CF Tuesday morning


Take a look at what we've been up to recently.

Have a lovely Easter break everyone. You've all worked hard and should feel very proud of yourselves! smileysmileysmiley​​​​​​

Summer 1 Chilli Challenges - to be completed by the end of the next half-term.

Spellings for Friday 20th April - ough 













'3-ed sentences' (feel free to play with the format rather than be prescriptive).

eg: Frightened, terrified and exhausted, the children ran through the dark tunnel.


Spellings for 23rd March. 

Words with an '-ify' suffix.  

Write sentences using both the root word and the word with the suffix. For example: 

'If you solidify an object you make it solid'

Year 5 are not doing Chilli Challenges for Spring 2 half term.  We'll have some more up for Summer 1 but in the meantime focus on your Somerton Award poem (particularly expression and performance) and enjoy reading some good books!

What fantastic chilli challenges for Spring 1, Year 5 well done!  Here is some of the work that was shared in 5CF...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The children all behaved beautifully this morning at 'Rewind to Easter'.

They had lots of fun learning about the Easter story and taking part in

activities together. Well done Year 5!


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Picture 1

Maths Homework Equivalent Fractions Due February 7th

Autumn 1 Parent Information Sheet

Grün, grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider - Kinderlieder zum Mitsingen | Liederkiste

GRÜN, GRÜN, GRÜN SIND ALLE MEINE KLEIDER - das bekannte Kinderlied, liebevoll gesungen und kindgerecht animiert. Abonniere hier kostenlos unseren Kinderlieder-Kanal: Wir freuen uns über einen "Daumen hoch", wenn dir das Video gefallen hat :-) Besuche uns auch auf Facebook: Unsere Kinderlieder-Website: Fragen oder Anregungen?

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