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1HA and 1RH

Welcome to Year 1's class page!

A big hello from Miss Alderson, Miss Harrison, Mrs Dunn, Miss Sherriff and Miss Hoggarth!

School Closure Guidance

Please click on the link below to find work and activities set for Year 1, for learning from home this week. 

Home learning celebration

Since Monday 23rd March, children in 1HA and 1RH have been working incredibly hard to stay safe, healthy and happy at home with their loved ones. Using our email system, some of our families have shared their adventures from home with us and we are delighted to celebrate them with you all! We are so proud of how you are managing at home with lots of different things, including: home learning, helping your grown ups around the house, being super creative, baking and cooking and even relaxing! Here is a selection of some of the things that have been sent to us. Do you have something that you'd like to share? Send us an email - and we'll add it to our celebrations!

Love from Miss Alderson and Miss Harrison. 

Keeping healthy
Here is the hand washing video that we have used to learn how to wash our hands properly. Remember, we need to wash our hands when we have used the toilet, before we eat and when we come into a new environment. 

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

For a written version of the full technique, head to The NHS website:


Please see the 'generic' timetable for Year 1. 

When there is a special event or themed week, this timetable may vary slightly.

In Phonics, we are continuing with our learning of the alternative graphemes. We will be looking at these alternative graphemes:  

  • /r/ alternatives - 'r', 'rr' and 'wr'
  • /s/ alternatives - 's', 'ss', 'c', 'st' and 'se'

In Maths, we are:

  • Consolidating our knowledge and understanding of counting forwards and backwards to 50;
  • Continuing to count in 10s, 5s and 2s. 
  • Identifying one more and one less from numbers to 50. 
  • Applying knowledge of identifying one more and one less in a problem solving context. 


In R.E, we are starting to learn about what sacred means and how different places can be sacred to believers. Do you know anywhere sacred?

Our Creative Curriculum

This half term, our topic is Space! Our main focus will be on Neil Armstrong and about how explored Space. Do you know anything about what Neil Armstrong did?

This week, we will be starting our learning journey through Space. We will be thinking about: 

We have created a Long Term Plan overview of what Year 1's curriculum is going to look like this year. We have worked incredibly hard to ensure that there are broad and balanced opportunities for all children to achieve and flourish during their time at school. Please take a look at what your child is going to be learning about over this year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask Miss Alderson or Miss Harrison - we are very happy to talk to you about our exciting work!

Our learning in pictures

In Science, we have been exploring materials and what they are. We have learned that an object is a thing, the material is what an object is made out of and the property is a description of the material. The children went on an outdoor walk to spot an object and think really hard about what material it had. 
In Maths, we have been learning about subtraction (including different words that we can use for it). We started off by using concrete resources to show exactly how we go through the 'magic 10' when we are taking away. The children then moved onto representing this in pictures on tens frames. 

Spring 1 Pictures



Every Friday, a Maths homework sheet will be handed out to every child. This will be a paper copy. In addition, an electronic copy will be available on the website

The deadline for each Maths sheet will be the following Friday

Please note, this homework is to extend your child's learning, not to test them. We would like the children to complete it as independently as possible; however, if you find that your child is finding it difficult, please make a note and we can follow it up through curriculum time. 





Every Monday, your child will be tested on 6 spellings that they have learned the previous week. The next set of spellings will be released on the Tuesday, along with a slip of your child's results. This will clearly state if your child has got any spellings wrong and how they have spelled it. This will allow you to see where they have gone wrong. 


Chilli Challenge

Please find this half term's Chilli Challenge Grid below. All of the activities are linked directly to our learning. Please note that some of the learning may not have occurred yet. 

Once your Chilli Challenge has been completed, please bring it into school so we are able to celebrate your child's great work!

Please remember that we expect to see 3 different pieces of work linked to the Chilli Challenge Grid per child. 

The deadline for all Chilli Challenges is Friday 1st May 2020.

Workshops and Meetings

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the 'New to Year 1' and 'Phonics 1' workshop earlier this year. It was really lovely to see so many of you! In addition, thank you to those adults who requested the information if they couldn't make the meeting. 

Please find the relevant resources and materials you may want to refer to below. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask either Miss Alderson or Miss Harrison. 

Recommended Reading

Please see the below link which has been made available for all families to access. It contains the recommended reading for children in Year 1. It has a lovely mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts which will really enhance your child's comprehension skills. 

Cursive Handwriting

In Year 1, we begin to teach the children how to form letters using the cursive script. Although this does look very confusing, the children have taken it in their stride and try so hard to ensure that they use cursive letters, even when they're writing on white boards. Please see the below document which demonstrates how the letters need to look in the cursive script. If your child is writing at home, please encourage them to use the cursive script so it becomes second nature to them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.