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Welcome to Year 1


Typical Year 1 Timetable

Key Information

  • PE day is a Wednesday - your child can come to school in their PE kit every Wednesday. 
  • Your child will need their water bottle and snack every day. 
  • School Library books are changed every Thursday
  • Phonetically decodable reading books will be brought home on Friday and MUST be returned to school on the following Monday. You will have the weekend to celebrate your child's reading. This is vital to ensure that the teaching and learning of Phonics and Early Reading can continue. 
  • Spellings and maths homework will be sent via Google Classroom every Friday evening for the following Friday. 
  • Show and Tell session will happen every Friday. Please refer to the 'Year 1 guide' for when it is your child's turn to bring something in. Remember, it is something that your child is really proud of (maybe not a leaf that they found whilst waiting in the line!)


Communicating with your child's class teacher: 

Our direct year group email is As both classes use this email, please make it clear in the subject line who the email is for (FAO Miss Alderson or FAO Miss Harrison). 


Collecting your child at the end of the day:

We have now learned most parents'/carers' faces which is great for a speedy home time dismissal. If your child is being collected by another person, please ensure that your child's class teacher is aware of this in advance. The best way to do this is by contacting the school office. Due to safeguarding reasons, we cannot release a child to a person without prior instruction from the parent/carer. 


Names in clothing:

Please ensure that your child's clothing is clearly labelled with their name so their clothing can be rightfully returned (should it be taken off). 


Every Friday, a maths homework task and six spellings will be released via Google Classroom. This will be an electronic copy.  


The deadline for each maths task will be the following Friday and spelling celebration will also be held on a Friday. The spelling celebration is not a test and is not something that the children need to be worried about. The words that we will choose are based on the previous week's Phonics learning and therefore, the children will have already seen them.  We will monitor the children's progress in spelling through their writing.


Please note, this homework is to extend your child's learning, not to test them. We would like the children to complete it as independently as possible; however, if you find that your child is finding it difficult, please make a note and we can follow it up through curriculum time. 


Please see the below documents to support spelling practice each week. 

Our Current Learning - Spring 2

Our Topic - Exciting Explorers in Space

Previous Learning - Spring 1

Our Topic - Where shall I go next?

Previous Learning - Autumn 2

Our Topic - The Green Planet


This week, we are continuing our Phase 5 GPC journey:

  • Phase 5 - /oa/ using 'o' grapheme
  • Phase 5 - /igh/ using 'i' grapheme 
  • Phase 5 - /ai/ using 'a' grapheme
  • Phase 5 - /ee/ using 'e' grapheme
  • Review the week's learning 



This week, we are going to be carrying on our journey through 'I don't want to go to bed'. We will be:

  • Looking at a picture of a jungle and identifying the different things that we can see. Using these words, we will form sentences; 
  • sequencing the main events of the story using pictures and sentences;
  • exploring what an exclamation mark is and when to use it. 


In addition, we will also be completing some additional tasks linked to writing all about Remembrance Day and why it is important. 



This week, we will be continuing on our adding and subtracting journey within numbers to 10. This will include: 

  • adding on; 
  • adding more; 
  • using addition knowledge to solve problems;
  • finding a part.

Previous Learning - Autumn 1

Our Topic - The Green Planet

Autumn Learning photos

Recommended Reading

Please see the below link which has been made available for all families to access. It contains the recommended reading for children in Year 1. It has a lovely mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts which will really enhance your child's comprehension skills. 

Other Useful Links