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Welcome to Year 3

Typical Year 3 Timetable

Key Information


  • Children are to come to school on Wednesday in PE kit. 
  • Library day is Thursday.


Communicating with your child's class teacher: 

Our direct year group email is As both classes use this email, please make it clear in the subject line who the email is for (FAO Mr Parker or Miss Wadwell). 


Names in clothing:

Please ensure that your child's clothing is clearly labelled with their name so their clothing can be rightfully returned (should it be taken off). 


Please find below the slides from the Year 3 parents' information meeting. 


We are learning the spellings every day in school and there is no requirement to learn them at home.  However, they are here in case you want to look at them. 


The children will be tested on Friday. 

The /er/ sound:

energy, remember, weather, whether, earth, particular, framework, surprise


MyMaths tasks are set every week for your child to complete online.

Current Learning - Summer Term 2

Our Topic - Our World

We will be learning about climate change, how the actions of humans are impacting the planet learning about flooding, droughts and we will be thinking about some of the solutions for climate change too. 

Pervious Learning - Summer Term 1

Our Topic - Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

We will be learning about how people lived in Britain during these periods of history, how life changed between the periods and also experiencing life in the stone age during our trip to Skelton Grange. 

Reading our discussion texts to Year 4

We have finished our discussion text about which period of prehistory we would like to live in and read them to year 4. Year 4 read their information leaflets about Malham which were really interesting. 

Celebrating the Coronation:

We had lots of fun celebrating the coronation on 6th May. We made biscuits shaped like a crown and also iced them. We made a crown, made a mosaic of Charles III and learnt some facts about the coronation with a quiz. 

Our trip to Skelton Grange


We loved our trip to Skelton Grange were we travelled back in time to the Stone Age. learnt all about camp skills and stealth hunting.

Expressing emotions in RE

Our topic this term is how are our beliefs expressed through the arts, we have started by thinking about different emotions and we expressed them through mime, picture and poem. Here are some of our mimes. 

Digging back through time

After creating a timeline of the stone age in the playground, we also dug back through time discovering Victorian, Tudor and Roman artefacts before digging up some stone age tools.

Previous Learning - Spring Term 2

Our Topic - Roald Dahl


We will be reading three different books written by Roald Dahl, Esio Trot, The Magic Finger and George's Marvellous Medicine. 

Sponsored Run:

We really enjoyed our run to raise money for St George's Crypt as part of our Lent project, despite the weather. Thank you to all of the parents who came to support us. 

Science Week:

During science week we were visited by Richard who told us about his job as an occupational therapist where he uses science to help people. 

We have learnt about light, testing the properties by making a periscope and seeing how far a reflection can travel around school using mirrors. 

We made and tested rockets, thanks Mrs Greenwood, some flew a long way!

Science - Testing how skills change with the length of our femur. 

World Book Day: Here are some of our costumes for World Book Day.

Previous Learning - Spring Term 1

Our Topic - Ancient Egypt


We will be learning about the ancient civilisation of Ancient Egypt, we will be learning about the importance of the River Nile, pharaohs, pyramids and mummies. We will read our class text 'The mummy stole my homework' and we will be creating repeating patterns using hieroglyphics.

Well Being Day - Music, Clay, Mindful colouring, First Aid and Making Terraniums

Mummifying Tomatoes

RE - What we love about Creation

Writing the Egyptian creation myth

Previous Learning - Autumn Term 2

Our Topic - Victorian Leeds


Our topic this term is Victorian Leeds. We will be learning about the history of our city, some of the reasons why and how it grew and sketching the architecture of some of the Victorian buildings in the city centre and also closer to home. 

Our school trip to Armley Mills will give us hands on experience with different artefacts and also we will be learning what being at school in Victorian times was really like!


Victorian Scientists and Engineers:

We have learnt about some of the inventors in Victorian times and have tried to build a paper aeroplane after learning about Sir George Cayley.

We have learnt about some of the inventions in Victorian times and have tried to build our own bridges. The willing bridge managed to hold more than 2 cans of beans and spanned 50cm. 

Visit to Armley Mills

The Grade II listed building housing the museum was once the world's largest woollen mill. The current structures were built in 1805 by Benjamin Gott and closed as a commercial mill in 1969.

Previous Learning - Autumn Term 1

Our Topic - Sikhism


Our topic is Sikhism, Sikhism developed in the Punjab region from the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak.

Visit to the Gurdwara:

We went to the Sikh temple on Harrogate Road, we were taught some of the meanings behind different aspects of the Sikh religion. Thank you to the parent helpers who came with us. 


Last week Ruth came in and helped us to harvest apples from the tree in the KS1 garden, we also weeded and planted some vegetables. During our hour we walked around the playground spotting different signs of Autumn and got caught in a heavy downpour!


As part of our Sikhism topic we have cooked our own Langar, here are some photos of us in action. 


This term we have been learning about forces. We have tested the friction force of different materials and enjoyed testing the strength of magnets too. 

During our first week at school we have been getting to know each other and challenging ourselves. We have been building towers with playing cards and paper. We have spoken about how we need to have a growth mindset to keep going even when things are tricky and by working together we can help each other.

Recommended Reading

Please see the below link which has been made available for all families to access. It contains the recommended reading for children in Year 3. It has a lovely mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts which will really enhance your child's comprehension skills. 

Other Useful Links