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3TB and 3LW

Welcome to Year 3!


Children will need to wear their PE kits on a Wednesday.



Here is our typical timetable to show what we will be getting up to in school.
Here are the slides which we would have liked to talk through during a parent meeting explaining a little about what Year 3 is all about.

Spring 1 information letter

Homework - Spellings

We are learning the spellings every day in school and there is no requirement to learn them at home.  However, they are here in case you want to look at them. 

The children will be tested on Friday.  


The /f/ sound:

famous, favourite, February, fruit, forward, often, different, difficult, enough, cough


Words we have learnt so far:

The /air/sound:

fair, bare, various, fare, therefore, there, stair, prepare, bear

The /ear/ sound:

here, disappear, appear, cheer, hear, volunteer, series, spear, superior

The /j/ sound:

jacket, average, join, jumped, imagine, age, magic, knowledge

The /er/ sound:

early, work, circle, quarter, heard, calendar, earth, remember, regular, popular,

The /oo/ soound:

group, soup, fruit, suit, loose, lose, doing, grew, threw

The /or/ sound:

forward, quarter, caught, important, therefore, ordinary, warm, naughty, before

Here are some ideas to help you learn your spellings at home.

We have loved learning about Ancient Egypt so far and have created some fantastic art work too. 

Art - Painting the Golden Temple

5.10.21 - Science - testing the strength of different magnets


We had great fun predicting what would happen with the walking water and different types of coke.

7.9.21 - Growth mindset lesson - trying to build a tower out of playing cards and learning to never give up!

Ancient Egyptians


Our topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians. We will be learning about the Pharaohs who were the Kings of all the land, the hundreds of gods and goddesses worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians, the pyramids and mummification and the importance of the River Nile for everyday life. 



The Victorians


This half term we will be learning about our local area and the Victorians. We will be using old maps to look at how Leeds grew during the Industrial Revolution. We will be learning about schools, medicine and the factories of Victorian times. We will be reading Street Child and writing a diary pretending to live in a Victorian workhouse. 

Look at these old photos of Leeds during Victorian times.



Our topic this term is Sikhism, Sikhism developed in the Punjab region from the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak.

Homework - Maths

See the links below for the My Maths and Times Tables Rockstars websites.