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Long term topic plan for year four 2019-2020

Welcome to the Year 4 section of the website. Please visit often in order to see your Chilli Challenge options, half-termly information updates and any other news and pictures.


In Year 4, as well as reading every day, and practising times tables on the TT Rockstars website, we have Maths homework set every Tuesday.  This is either on My Maths or on a sheet and needs to be done by the next Tuesday.  Anyone who completes it on time has an extra playtime!

You will get spellings to learn every Friday.  As well as learning them, you need to write 5 sentences in your spelling homework book using the spelling words.  We'll tell you each week what type of sentence to write. These should be handed in on Friday (hand them in early for a raffle ticket!) 

If your child does wordshark (they should know), they are given personalised spellings each week and they are also expected to write sentences to show Mrs Temple on a Friday.


Please do come and see us if you have any questions! :)

A Day in the Life of Year 4......

Spring 1 Chilli Challenges

Spelling Homework

For a test on Friday 31st January


Write a dictionary definition of the words.  (5 sentences)



Location: A place where something is.

Go to this location and find out some information about it!















Year 3 /4 Word list

Spelling Activities

Maths Homework - 


We will have a TT Rockstars Battle between 4CF and 4CM for the whole holidays.  MAY THE BEST CLASS WIN!