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Welcome to  4CM and 4CF!

The following information is to help you support your child at home. Any help you can provide your child at home would be very much appreciated.


Below you will find useful resources which you can download and use at home. If your child has difficulty completing tasks set, you can access additional resources within other year groups' class pages.


Class teachers will monitor and update online forums such as My Maths and Times Tables Rockstars regularly. Please note however, any work completed will not be marked by class teachers.  Please email us once a week on to show us your work and let us know how you are getting on - please see some of this work shared below.  Any other work the children wish to share with the class can be brought in after school reopens.

Summer term class letters

Suggested Timetable


Please use the timetable below if it helps you to have a structured day. Every family is different and has different needs, so adapt and use this only if it suits you.. Obviously, if you are happy to plan out your own day, please do so!


Before 9:00am

Wake up

Learn how to make your grown-up(s) their favourite morning drink, get younger siblings’ breakfast ready or help them learn how to get dressed, eat breakfast, get dressed, make your bed, clean your teeth.

9:00 – 10:00

Exercise time

Family walk, walk the dog, play in the garden, Joe Wicks PE lesson, challenge yourself to improve at a skill (eg balancing for longer each day).

10:00 – 11:00

Academic time

Work set by school, spelling practise, times tables or number facts practise.

11:00 – 12:00

Creative time

Sticking, design a meal, design a room, lego, drawing, painting, crafting, baking, play music, make up a dance routine, dress up, build something.

12:00 – 1:00

Lunch time

Help to make lunch, gather ingredients, safely learn new cooking skills.

1:00 – 2:00

Helping around the house time

Clear up after lunch, load the dishwasher, wash up in the sink, clean bedroom, vacuum, hang out the washing, pair socks, sort clean washing into a pile for each person, write a shopping list.

2:00 – 3:00

Quiet time

Reading, colouring, sewing, make a sign for people (delivery drivers, refuse collectors, post etc), photographs/drawings/thoughts for a time-capsule diary, reflection activity from school, observing wildlife, pets, people or traffic out of the window – make a tally and compare day by day or make up a story in your head about something you see.

3:00 – 4:00

Academic time

Work set by school, TTRockstars, Numbots, MyMaths, other educational websites.

4:00 – 5:00

Fresh air time

Gymnastics, bikes, scooters, walk outside, play in the garden, paint with water, water the plants, dig, treasure hunt, dancing, yoga.

5:00 – 6:00

Dinner time

Help to set the table, try out a new recipe, learn a new kitchen skill, clear up, wash-up or load the dishwasher.

6:00 onwards

Free TV time

TV, games.

You decide




And another week's worth of your photos...

Some more pictures of what you've been up to!

Science resources 29.6.20

RE resources 29.6.20

PSHE resources 29.6.20

Weekly planning sheet 22.6.20

Topic resources 22.6.20

Science resources 22.6.20

Weekly planning sheet 15.6.20

Topic resources 15.6.20

Science resources 15.6.20

RE resources 15.6.20

PSHE resources 15.6.20

Weekly Planning Sheet 8.6.20

Maths resources 8.6.20

PSHE resources 8.6.20

Week beginning 1/6/20

English resources for week beginning 1/6/20

Science resources for week beginning 1/6/20

PSHE resources for week beginning 1/6/20

Week beginning 18/05/20

Maths resources for Week beginning 18/05/20

Don't rush challenge lockdown tidy up edition.MOV

Still image for this video

Week beginning 11/05/20

Maths resources for week beginning 11/05/20

Week beginning 4.5.20

Maths resources for week beginning 04/05/20

Science, RE and PSHE resources for week beginning 04/05/20 (you don't need any resources for this week's topic task)

Week beginning 27.04.20

Maths resources for week beginning 27.04.20

Week beginning 20.04.20

Maths resources for week beginning 20.04.20

Week beginning 30.03.20

Maths resources for week beginning 30.03.20

Science, Topic and RE resources for Week beginning 23/03/20

Long term topic plan for year four 2019-2020

Please click on the link below for some general information relevant to Year 4 during the school closure, and scroll further down for weekly information. 

Welcome to the Year 4 section of the website. Please visit often in order to see your Chilli Challenge options, half-termly information updates and any other news and pictures.


In Year 4, as well as reading every day, and practising times tables on the TT Rockstars website, we have Maths homework set every Tuesday.  This is either on My Maths or on a sheet and needs to be done by the next Tuesday.  Anyone who completes it on time has an extra playtime!

You will get spellings to learn every Friday.  As well as learning them, you need to write 5 sentences in your spelling homework book using the spelling words.  We'll tell you each week what type of sentence to write. These should be handed in on Friday (hand them in early for a raffle ticket!) 

If your child does wordshark (they should know), they are given personalised spellings each week and they are also expected to write sentences to show Mrs Temple on a Friday.


Please do come and see us if you have any questions! :)

A Day in the Life of Year 4......

Spelling Homework

phone, phonics, microphone, telephone, homophone, real, reality, realistic, unreal, realisation


5 -ing verb sentences (begin with an -ing verb.  Remember the comma after the first phrase and that the person immediately after the comma needs to be the same one who is doing the -ing action)



Waiting for the movie to beginEmilia nibbled her popcorn.







Year 3 /4 Word list

Spelling Activities

Maths Homework - 


My Maths homework is on the My Maths website.