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Day 1

Hi all,


After arriving in Malham with no sickness issues to report, we made the five-minute walk to the hostel with all of our bags, just in time to coincide with the day's first rain shower. Obviously nobody moaned at any point during this time. We then got to know our surroundings before having a packed lunch on the picnic benches, before setting off on our respective walks, which coincided with the second shower of the day.


The children have all made their beds, had a little bit of down-time and then tucked into their evening meals. Then, with darkness approaching, 6GD headed out on the GPS trail around Malham village, whilst 6DA did a limestone study and made a 'fossil.' 


The children have had a great day! Here's to another one tomorrow, when more photos will be added here.

Day 2

Good evening,


Day 2 began after a good night's sleep, and after a lovely breakfast, 6GD headed out on their walk back up to the Cove to do abseiling, but this time sporting an ill-fitting helmet, a tightly tightened harness and a very wet demeanour - it was torrential. Meanwhile, 6DA headed out for the limestone walk featuring Malham Cove, and they looked like tiny ants to the abseilers up high. After the morning, we all squelched back to the hostel for a change of clothes and a change of mood - it was lunch time!


This afternoon was rearranged for a drier programme for 6GD and so indoor team building activities ensued: 6DA went up Malham Cove to do the abseiling in better weather. All have had their evening meal before the evening activity.

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