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Easter Ideas

We will be using this page to share a variety of optional activities for you and your child/children to enjoy together. Whilst these are not compulsory, they will be beneficial for your child's learning and routine. We're all missing you lots and hope you're all keeping positive. 

Coronavirus: A Book for Children


Axel Scheffler has produced a book about Covid-19 Coronavirus just for children. This book is free to download and aims to answer some of the questions children might have about the virus. It might be useful for parents and please use if you feel it would be appropriate and beneficial for your child.

Step by step drawings

Can you follow the steps?
Can you challenge yourself with this task?

White Rose Resources


This week White Rose Maths based their planning on 'Supertato' so Miss Stansfield decided to read the story in the link below. We have uploaded the PDF for the first day and then please use the additional resources on the website below if useful.



Here is a video of Miss Stansfield reading a funny and fabulous book about a supermarket superhero, 'Supertato'!

Indoor Activities

We wanted to share this useful resource with you.

Special Number 10

In this video, Miss Stansfield shares an activity on the special number 10. She shares various ideas of how to represent the number 10. We want children to create their own ideas so please allow independence in this activity. Your child could represent their number in a fantastic way with only a few ideas - please support this. After the Easter holidays, this is one of your tasks for a specific number so please do this activity if you feel it would be beneficial e.g. number 5 or 8 etc.

Scavenger Hunt

Can you complete this scavenger hunt?

Fill a Bucket

This is a fabulous story all about spreading happiness and love. Enjoy!

Please use the PowerPoint to share the special Easter story with your child. 

Craft Ideas

Phonics Task


Can you child read the sentences and match them to the correct picture? Please underline the digraphs and the trigraphs with your child as an extension or to support your child to read the words. The phase 3 sound mat will be underneath to help if needed.