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Task 1 is a SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) activity. Last week the children were recapping the first use of an apostrophe, which is for combining words together and showing where missing letters are. This week, the children can revisit the second use for an apostrophe, which is to show possession or belonging.
Look at the picture below and see how many sentences you can make using a person (noun) an object (possession) and a describing word (adjective). You can use your own ideas too if you like. Make them as silly as you like! Why not email us a picture of your silly sentences with apostrophes in?
Task 2 is creative writing. Here is a picture prompt to allow you to do a bit of free writing this week. Choose the mild sheet below if you need some more hints of words to use. Make sure you write in full sentences.
Task 3 is a reading comprehension. There are three levels of questions at the end (and answers - so no peeking!).
If your child is working below the expected reading level for Year 2, here is a shorter and simpler reading comprehension.