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Task 1 is some SPaG revision. On the SPaG mats below are a mixture of questions all to do with spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are three levels for each of the two mats.
Task 2 is a writing challenge. This term we were meant to be learning how to write explanations. Before lockdown, we had done lots of work on extending our sentences using conjunctions (joining words) like because, and, but, if and so. Trying to write an explanation of something will encourage the children to use these words to make their sentences longer. 

Some suggestions for explanations you might want to write are:


  • How does an oak tree grow?
  • How to play Minecraft
  • The lifecycle of a frog
  • How does a bike work?
  • Why should you eat vegetables?
  • How the water cycle works
  • Why is the sky blue?


You can write them as a series of sentences, or you could create a diagram and write your sentences in steps around your diagram.

Task 3 is reading, although this week it is a little different. There is no actual text for you to read, but we're giving you a picture instead. Yes, you can still read a picture! Being able to understand things which are not written down in an obvious way, is called inference. Look at the picture below and try to answer the questions on the worksheet.