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Task 1 is some SPaG revision, like last week. On the SPaG mats below are a mixture of questions all to do with spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are three levels for each of the two mats. (They are called mat 3 and mat 4 as mats 1 and 2 were last week's work!)
We've also added some handwriting sheets below. Some parents have mentioned in their emails that they think their child's handwriting is worsening - DON'T WORRY! Everyone is in the same boat. But if you did want some practice sheets for a quick 5 minute activity, then see the pdf pack below. There are loads of sheets, so only print off the ones you need. There are a real variety including silent letter words, common exception words, months of the year, contraction words, words with suffixes (endings added) and many more. 
Task 2 is writing. Did you have a go at last week's explanation writing? It's tricky as you need to use lots of joining words (like because, and, so, but) to explain what you mean. This week we'd like you to try to explain what the learning pit is. Imagine someone you know, doesn't know what growth mindset is. Can you explain it to them? There's a powerpoint presentation to jog your memory and a picture of the learning pit poster we have up all round school. The worksheets below might help you organise your writing.
Task 3 is an old SATs reading comprehension paper. There are two texts for the children to read and answer questions on. Don't feel like they have to do both texts in one sitting.
If your child is working below the expected reading level for Year 2, here is a shorter and simpler reading comprehension.