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Task 1 as you've probably learnt by now is a SPaG task. This week, we'd like you to recap our work on homophones (words that sound the same but have different spellings). You could watch the powerpoint presentation if you want a recap, then choose from the challenges below. 
Also, for a bit of fun, here's a template for a homophones fortune teller. This means you can keep practising your homophones throughout the week!
Picture 1

Task 2 is a writing challenge as usual. At this point in the school year, we would usually have had lots to write about. We would have been practising writing recounts this week, maybe of what we had done during our half term break, and also planning a recount of our school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park!


Instead we would like you to try writing a recount about a walk that you have been on during lockdown. Perhaps you could use your imagination and include some of the endangered animals we will be learning about this term?! Below is Mrs Burgener's lockdown walk recount. Have a read then come up with your own. Maybe you could illustrate it too? We would love to see your recounts.

Picture 1
Task 3 is reading as usual. Emperor Penguins are on the endangered species list (linking to our topic this term) and are classed as 'near threatened'. Also, penguins are Mrs Burgener's favourite animal, so we thought we'd start this term with a reading comprehension about them! There are three versions included in the pdf; mild*, medium** and spicy***.


If you'd still like to practise handwriting, then please refer back to the English page under Week Beginning 18th May, where you can find the bumper pack of handwriting sheets.