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Task 1 is recapping adding a suffix. A suffix is a collection of letters that adds on to the end of a word changing its meaning. This week, we will be recapping adding -er and -est to the ends of adjectives. Use the powerpoint to recap and join in the activities on the slides, then complete one of the sheets below.
Task 2 is writing. Sadly, this week we should have been going on our school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Some of you may have been lucky enough to go before, so you may know what it is like. We'd like you to check out the Yorkshire Wildlife Park website, the park map and the link below to the park's videos and virtual tours. When we returned to school, we would have been writing about our trip. Can you write about what it might be like to visit? Can you work out a route around the park using the map? Where will you visit first? Where will you have lunch? What animal are you most excited about?
Task 3 is a reading comprehension all about tigers! There are three levels.


If you'd still like to practise handwriting, then please refer back to the English page under Week Beginning 18th May, where you can find the bumper pack of handwriting sheets.