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Task 1 follows on from last week's work on adding a suffix. This week, the suffixes we are reviewing are -ment, -less, -ness and -ful. Below you will find a handy word mat which shows all the words in their suffix groups. There is also a suffix quiz on powerpoint which you can use as a warm up.


Below the word mat, there are two sets of differentiated worksheets. Please remember to look which level you'd like to complete *=mild, **=medium or ***=spicy. There is also a suffix bingo game for some extra suffix fun! You can either print off or make your own version of to save paper!

Task 2 is writing from the point of view of a polar bear. You may wish to complete the topic work from this week first, in order to give you some things to write about. Alternatively, you can read the polar bear extra info sheet attached below, to give you some ideas as to what a polar bear might do all day.


Can you pretend to be a polar bear and write what your typical day is like? You will need to use the personal pronouns I, me and my. 

Task 3 is a reading comprehension all about polar animals (not just the polar bear!). There are 3 levels, so choose according to your ability.