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Task 1 is a SPaG task, reviewing our work on sentence types. See the picture below for a quick recap before attempting one of the sets of worksheets.


Task 2 is a research and writing task. In our topic work this week we are looking at another endangered animal - the gorilla. The gorilla is one of the great apes (NOT a monkey!) as are four other apes. Look at the picture below to see all 5 of the great apes. Obviously, we know how humans differ from the rest, but can you do some research into how gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and bonobos are different from each other.

The pdf below, has some layouts for information posters about the four apes. Feel free to choose which one you like (you don't need to do them all!), or even make your own information poster showing their differences. We would love to see them!


Task 3 is a reading activity. In the next few weeks, we would have been studying the books of Anthony Browne. He has written a lot of books about gorillas as he finds them easier to draw than humans! Watch the video below and read along with the words. There is also a pdf version of the book below, if you want to take the reading at a slower pace. Then there are questions to answer.

Gorilla - Anthony Browne

Hannah loves gorillas but has never seen one. Her father's too busy to take her to the zoo - or for anything else come to...

As an extra task, can you spot anything strange in the pictures of the book? Look carefully in the background of all the illustrations, and list all the interesting and strange things you can see!