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Please note, there isn't a separate SPAG task this week. The children will be able to practise their proof reading and editing skills as part of the writing task.

For this week's writing task, you are going to be writing a biography about somebody who has been important in the fight against racism. You should complete your topic task and research your person before completing your writing task. It is a good idea to complete the reading task too as this will help you find out more about the features of a biography.


What is a biography?


  • Biographical writing is about someone else’s life. It is about a real person but written by someone else.
  • A biography highlights the key events that have happened in their life, sometimes talking about their childhood.
  • A biography can be written about someone who is dead or alive.
  • Have you read a biography before?


Once you have completed your research, follow the powerpoint above to help you write your biography. 


If you would like to share your biography with your teacher, then please send it on an email to our class email.