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Task 1 and Task 3: In the below booklet, there are several grammar and reading activities to keep you going. Don't attempt more than one at once.
If your child is working below the expected level for Year 2, then below is a Year 1 booklet with grammar and reading activities in.
Task 2 is usually a writing task, but this week we'd like you to collate all your learning about endangered animals in to one booklet. Below is a front cover and contents page outline for you to fill in. You should remember how to make a contents page from our work earlier this year. We would love to see your finished booklets.
Finally, here are a few other optional worksheets to keep you busy! The bumper pack of handwriting sheets, has been posted on here before, but there are plenty to go at in the pack. There are also an end of year writing task and a summer themed wordsearch.