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Task 1 is a SPaG task (spelling, punctuation and grammar). Children in Year 2 often start to use more interesting language in their writing, but then forget the basics of demarcation! Demarcation is how we begin and end a sentence; namely a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.

The worksheets are differentiated, this means there are different ability levels. Look for chilli peppers or stars. * = mild, ** = medium, *** = spicy/challenging.

Task 2 is writing. In order to practice the above SPaG skills, we'd like the children to write some diary entries for a 'Lockdown' diary. This doesn't have to be every day, but we'd like them to practise writing a passage of sentences and maintaining good demarcation. There are two levels below.


We designed the pages to be A5 size, but any paper you have at home can be used. We found the images from this website where you can also download (for free) additional pages and tasks for your child's diary. Please encourage them to write an entry before doing any drawing!

The reading task for this week is a Year 2 SATs paper. There are two texts to read and questions to answer. Don't feel like your child needs to do both texts in one sitting.
If your child is working below the expected reading level for Year 2, here is a shorter and simpler reading comprehension.