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Task 1 is a SPaG task (spelling, punctuation and grammar). The children in Year 2 have already learnt about the first and most basic use of an apostrophe - to contract/combine words. This task is a revision for them. If you need a recap, why not run through the presentation to begin with.

You could also try designing and making contraction activity cards like the ones pictured below. Then you can test each other on the words and how they are contracted!

Task 2 is writing. Last week we uploaded some diary pages and a link to the website where you can also download (for free) additional fun activity pages. Below are some more pages (mild, medium and spicy) that your child can add into their lockdown diary. These ones encourage them to use the contraction words from the SPaG task. 


We designed the pages to be A5 size, but if you don't have a printer, then any paper you have at home can be used. 

The reading task this week is last year's SATs paper 1. This differs from the paper 2 as it has text and questions all in one booklet. The paper 2, has a separate reading booklet and question booklet and is much longer (see last week's reading task!). Again, don't feel like your child needs to do both texts in one sitting.
If your child is working below the expected reading level for Year 2, here is a shorter and simpler reading comprehension.