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Welcome to our Global Gang page! 

We are an after school club who care about making St Matthew's a planet-friendly school.


Global Gang

Global Gang 1

Thank you so much to those who took part in switch off fortnight!

We saved a lot of electricity by just by remembering to switch the lights off! 

In week one, we carried on as normal, and we used 2004 units of electricity.

At the end of week one Global Gang did an assembly about climate change. After that, every one was very careful to turn off the lights and computers.

In week two, we saved more energy and we only used 1639 units of electricity. LET'S KEEP IT UP!!!

Our amazing energy saving in Switch Off Fortnight!!!

Eco-schools Green Flag Award

St. Matthew's already has their Bronze and Silver award but we are going to need everyone's help to get the Green Flag award.


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