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Global Gang

Welcome to our Global Gang page! 

We are an after school club who care about making St Matthew's a planet-friendly school.


Be a climate activist even at home!

Click on the link below to go to Young Climate Warriors

We are planting 900 trees in Chapel Allerton and peru.

Valentine's Day 2020 Climate Strike. What do YOU love?

in 2020 The whole of KS2 joined Global Gang to make a giant heart for Valentine's Day. We thought about the things that we love that are in danger because of Climate Change and sent a message to Fabian Hamilton MP

Painting our banner for Climate Strike day.

Eco-schools Green Flag Award

St. Matthew's already has the Bronze and Silver Eco-schools awards but Global Gang would like us to go for the Green Flag Award.  What do you think?  If we go for it, we are going to need everyone's help.


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