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Welcome to our Global Gang page! 

We are an after school club who care about making St Matthew's a planet-friendly school.


Exciting news, Global Gang! smiley 

(June 2020)


Do you remember when you emailed Shannon from Solar for Schools to ask if they could put solar panels on St Matthew's? 


Well, she has done all the investigations she needs to and has made us an offer to install solar panels which will provide nearly a quarter of the electricity the school needs, just from the sunshine!  Lots of details are in the document below (I've made them look a bit simpler than what she sent us but they're aimed at adults reading them!) 


The basic information is:-

  • the panels will save about 216 tonnes of carbon - the same as about 600 full grown trees!
  • the panels won't cost the school anything 
  • they'll be there for 25 years, at the end of which time either Solar for Schools will take them away for free or will give them to school for free
  • the panels will provide around a quarter of our current electricity usage
  • Solar for Schools will sell us the electricity that the panels generate for the same price as the school pays now and will guarantee that it won't go up for the 25 years so the school should save about £27,000
  • Solar for Schools will provide education workshops to the school to let everyone know all about climate change, the panels and the energy savings


The next steps are for the school governors and the Diocese (the Church of England which owns the school) to agree to go ahead.   If you think we should, you could write to them to persuade them!  (Mrs Crawford said the governors would love to get letters from you explaining why you think the school should do this and it will help them make their decision). 


Send any letters to Mrs F at and I will send them on.  (If you want to know more about how to write a persuasive letter look at the Year 4 class page and scroll down to English resources for the week beginning 18/05/20).    I look forward to handing on your letters to the Governors or Diocese, I'm sure you'll be very persuasive...


And, if you want to find out more about Solar for Schools, have a look at their website.  There are lots of film clips, information, games to play and you can find out about how you could be involved yourself in planning the solar panel installation at

Be a climate activist even in lockdown!

Click on the link below to go to Young Climate Warriors

Valentine's Day 2020 Climate Strike. What do YOU love?

The whole of KS2 joined Global Gang to make a giant heart for Valentine's Day. We thought about the things that we love that are in danger because of Climate Change and sent a message to Fabian Hamilton MP

Climate Strike Day! Time is running out...

Painting our banner for Climate Strike day.

Our amazing energy saving in Switch Off Fortnight!!! Well done St Matt's! Thank you for looking after our climate (and the school budget!)

Thank you so much to those who took part in switch off fortnight!

We saved a lot of electricity by just by remembering to switch the lights off! 

In week one, we carried on as normal, and we used 2004 units of electricity.

At the end of week one Global Gang did an assembly about climate change. After that, every one was very careful to turn off the lights and computers.

In week two, we saved more energy and we only used 1639 units of electricity.  Every bit of energy we save means less CO2 emissions and less impact of climate change.  The governments of the world have to do their part but so do we... LET'S KEEP IT UP!!! Keep on saving energy at school and home cool

Eco-schools Green Flag Award

St. Matthew's already has the Bronze and Silver Eco-schools awards but Global Gang would like us to go for the Green Flag Award.  What do you think?  If we go for it, we are going to need everyone's help.


Click here to find out more.