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Learning objectives:

To revise addition and subtraction to 20, 50 and 100. Some pupils will be able to solve mentally whilst others may want the support of pictures or a 100 square.


Task 1: Learning to add and subtract to 20, 50 and 100

Pupils to pick 10 items or toys and add different price labels to them. Pupils to then pick to items to buy, add their value to find the total cost and then calculate the change. Remember to write the Maths Sentences using addition and subtraction.

Task 2: Solve word Problems using addition and subtraction

Cut up the different word problems and pupils to solve them, harder challenge to create a maths circle, the card number is the answer to the previous question, this will create a circle using all the cards.

Task 3: Problem Solving Maze

Find a route through the maze, calculate how much your route is. Harder challenge to determine the least and most route to get through the maze.

Resources that might help:

Don't forget you can log onto My Maths, Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars too.