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White Rose Maths Hub


The White Rose Maths Hub (WRMH) is the scheme of learning that everyone at St. Matthew's follows, from Reception right up to Year 6. 

WRMH have kindly created online learning documents for children to access at home. 

For us, we are a little bit behind the learning that WRMH have published; however, there is no harm in accessing the work that we are going to be teaching in a few weeks times. Please click on the link below which will take you directly to the WRMH home learning for Year 1. 

Maths with Carol Vorderman


Join the ever-growing online Maths community with 'The Maths Factor' by Carol Vorderman! In the current climate, this membership is completely free to use. There are video tutorials, activities and games to access to practise each mathematical skill that you choose. 

Place value within numbers to 50


We have been learning all about numbers to 50. So far, we have practised counting forwards and backwards to 50 from any numbers, representing numbers to 50 using both concrete and pictorial representations and now, we have just started thinking about one more and one less using numbers within 50. The documents below outline some questions which are directly related to the objectives that we have/would cover. 


Place value within 20


We know that for some children, numbers to 50 is a very difficult concept to grasp; therefore, please find the below resources which look at numbers to 20 only. 

Addition and subtraction within 20


To consolidate understanding of addition and subtraction, please find the below questions that will support your child's understanding of adding and subtracting. We haven't started addition and subtraction within 50 just yet having that secure understanding within the smaller numbers will definitely help. 

Number bonds to 20


One of the Year 1 objectives is to know number bonds to 20 on instant recall. Please see the activities below that allows children to practise their number bonds to 20 in different ways. We would hope that practising the calculations in different ways would support your child's recall and essentially, put this information into their long term memory. 

Number bonds to 10


The same applies for number bonds to 10. The more practise your child has, the more likely the information will go into your child's long term memory.