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Well done if you got any of the telling the time work done last week! If you did find it tricky explaining it to your children don't worry - it's always the most difficult thing to teach! This week the work should build on their time telling skills with some problem solving work about the 24-hour clock, duration of events and finding start and end times. To keep things simple you could look at a TV schedule and find some things that they like watching and work out together using a timeline how long each one lasts for. 


If they did struggle with the work from last week and you feel they still need some more practise with telling the time in general keep working on this rather than moving onto this weeks work (if you would like some extra work of this nature please do let us know). Knowing how to tell the time on an analogue clock and understanding how the hours in a day are structured will be more beneficial to them as they move through Key Stage 2. 


There are also some powerpoints available for some of the lessons below that couldn't be uploaded on the website as they were too big. If you require these let us know and we can provide you with a link to access these.