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This term, we have been working on fractions - understanding fractions of a shape, fractions of a number and moving on to equivalent fractions. There are worksheets below which can support with continued learning in this area.


Learning about different ways to measure (including time) was going to be our next unit of work. This is always a topic that causes a lot of confusion, but one you can definitely help with at home. Measuring capacity and weight is something you can easily do when following a recipe. Telling the time is a particular struggle for a lot of children, but having regular time checks at home and getting them familiar with a clock face is helpful.


We have set up a Year 2 TTRockstars Battle of the Bands for next week, beginning at 9am Monday 23rd March and finishes at 4pm Friday 27th March. Last time 2BH pipped 2LW to the post! Will the results be the same this time?

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If a worksheet is differentiated, this means there are different ability levels. Look for chilli peppers or stars. * = mild, ** = medium, *** = spicy/challenging.
If you found those worksheets a little tricky, here are some different ones which are easier. 

White Rose Maths Hub 


The White Rose Maths Hub (WRMH) is the scheme of learning that everyone at St. Matthew's follows, from Reception right up to Year 6. 

WRMH have kindly created online learning documents for children to access at home. 

Please click on the link below which will take you directly to the WRMH home learning for Year 2.