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Mrs Burgener's Book Recommendations

Well, I'm sure by now you've probably gone through all the books on your bookshelf, so I thought I'd give you some ideas for where to go next.


In Year 2, we really try to encourage the children to start reading longer chapter books, but sometimes knowing how to make that jump to longer books is tricky. Here are some options for books which are longer in length to develop reading stamina.


Dinosaur Cove:

Two boys discover a secret cave that leads back to the time of the dinosaurs. A little bit of mild peril, but a very enjoyable series.

Worst Witch Books:

A great starting point if your child is interested in Harry Potter, but not yet old enough for the (sometimes quite frightening) content.

Project X Alien Adventures:

We introduced these this year to Year 2 and the children loved them. They are levelled according to our reading bands, so it's easy to follow the scheme. The full price is pretty expensive, but these sets can often be picked up second hand.

Bear Grylls Adventures:

A different child in each book is transported into a survival situation and overcomes a fear.

Animal Ark Books:

Perfect if you love animals!

Beast Quest Books:

The front covers do look a little gruesome at first glance, but the stories are full of adventure and a little peril, making it an exciting read. My 7 year old loves these. The only problem is there are 100s of them, so once you're hooked you can keep going forever!

David Walliams - The Midnight Gang:

I've just finished this with my son. He loved it, and as a bonus, the TV adaptation of it is still available on iPlayer.

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl:

Possibly my favourite Roald Dahl book. Such a lovely story, and my son loved it too.

See Inside...:

If you're more into non-fiction, then the Usborne 'See Inside' books are brilliant. All sorts of topics too.