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Task 2

Once you have learnt all about Stonehenge, create a poster, powerpoint or factfile to show your knowledge. There is a factfile template below that you might want to use.

Try to include the answers to these 5 W Questions...


What is Stonehenge?

Where is Stonehenge?

Who built Stonehenge?

When was Stonehenge built?

Why was Stonehenge built? Why do people visit Stonehenge?

How was Stonehenge built?


Task 3

As an optional extra task this week, have a go at creating your own model of Stonehenge. There are some ideas below or you could come up with your own way to make Stonehenge!


If you would like to send us your creations, please send them to our year group email

As well as the Joe Wicks daily workout broadcast on Youtube at 9am every day below are some links that we have been provided with.