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For the children at St Matthew’s, their education lasts from the age of 4 to 11 years. It is within this time that we see the most rapid development in an individual. This is brought about by a large number of interwoven experiences. The two major sources of these experiences will be the home and school working in partnership and understanding.

The aims and objectives of the Governors and Staff at St. Matthew's School are to provide a whole range of interesting experiences and learning opportunities which will enable a child to learn and grow, acquire skills and knowledge, find fulfilment and pleasure in the things he/she thinks and achieves and then eventually to be able to play his/her part in the adult world, having an embedded desire for lifelong learning.



The school places great emphasis on fostering the personal and social development of
each child. As each child develops, greater responsibility, maturity and self-reliance will be encouraged.

The curriculum at St Matthew’s provides each child with broad, balanced and differentiated learning experiences, within the National and wider curriculum. English, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technology are the core of this curriculum. The philosophy of the school is based on our belief that each child is an individual. Therefore, the teacher approaches the teaching and learning in a variety of ways, ranging from class lessons to small groups or individual work, using appropriate materials. A Cross Curricular approach to our skills based curriculum is used throughout school as exciting topics provide many opportunities to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum. We are re-designing our curriculum to ensure it is creative, meaningful and relevant to our children in preparing them for life as 21st Century citizens. Children will access experiences that ensure progression and continuity in knowledge and skills.