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Phonics Play


Phonics Play is a well-known teaching resource that is commonly used in most, if not all, Year 1 classrooms up and down the country.

In light of the current climate, Phonics Play have made their resources free and accessible to all parents, carers and educators.

To access these resources, the username is march20 and the password is home

Decodable Phonics Comics


As part of the Phonics Play resources, they have created Comic style books which are all completely decodable. These kinds of texts will allow your child to practise the phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs that they know at a level which is appropriate for them.

In considering which level is most appropriate for your child, please feel free to take a look to which level of reading book they're on. If your child is reading at phase 3b, we would advise reading phase 2 and 3 comics to ensure that he/she is being successful.

If you are finding that your child is fluently reading the comics that are the same level as their reading book, don't be afraid to hop up to the next level; however, please beware that your child may stumble over a few more words and may require support to decode. 

The links below provide different activities for you to do with your child to support their development in phonics. Please use the sound mats and the tricky word mats to learn sounds or tricky words they are unfamiliar with. You could write some sounds or tricky words on pieces of paper and play snap, hide and seek or splat the tricky word/ sound. The other documents are supporting other areas of phonics.