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Learning objective:

To think about the creation of the world, the impact of our treatment and to ask questions.


Task 1:      Make a representation of the globe.

Answer the questions:

  • Question: How does it feel to have made this?
  • Question: How would it feel if your work wasn’t appreciated/valued/looked after?


Task 2:      Look at the photo montages that you created last week, a manmade and a natural one.

Answer the question:

  • Question: Who made the images you can see?


Task 3:     Discuss this statement with your child: ‘Some people, Christians, believe God created the world and everything in it. Muslims believe that Allah created the world whilst other people believe that they evolved. Your faith will impact on what you believe about the world around us.’

Answer the question:

  • Question: If you could as the creator of the world one thing what would it be?

Some examples could be: Why are there deserts? Why are there wasps?