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Welcome to Reception!


School Closure Guidance:

Please click on the link below to find work and activities set for Reception, for learning from home this week. 

Our Team


Miss Simpson     Mrs Qureshi     Mrs Thomas          Miss Stansfield     Mrs Jones     Miss Allen



Mrs Molloy (DHT) is our Early Years Lead. We also work with Mr Wright, Miss Middleton, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Thompson during our Enrichment sessions. 



Keeping healthy

Here is the hand washing video that we have used to learn how to wash our hands properly. Remember, we need to wash our hands when we have used the toilet, before we eat and when we come into a new environment. 

Long term topic plan for reception 2019-2020

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8

Outdoor Learning

This half term we will be exploring the topics



Welcome to the Spring Term in Reception. Our focus this half term is on minibeasts. The children will have the opportunity to go outside and explore minibeasts. They will make observations about how many legs they have, if they have wings and what they look like. They will look at a variety of fiction and non fiction texts linked to minibeasts. They will begin to write simple sentences using their phonic knowledge. In addition to this there will be opportunities for being creative and making minibeasts with paint, collage etc.


We are beginning to look at seasonal changes with a focus on what Spring looks like in the UK and other countries. In addition to this we will listen to the Easter story and discuss why we celebrate Easter.






Learning is fun

Weekly Newsletters


WOW Vouchers


We are really interested in hearing anything that you and/or your child think is an achievement outside of school- things that make you smile with pride. Please print off vouchers from the link below and send them into us at school, so that this moment can be celebrated in class!

Thank you for the WOW vouchers that we have received so far! It is wonderful to share the amazing achievements of your children at home and the children love sharing them with their peers.

Chilli Challenge


Please find this half term's Chilli Challenge homework via the link below. Remember, we ask for at least 3 activities to be done at your own leisure, but feel free to do as many as you like! These can be sent back into school when you have finished them so we can look at all the fabulous things you have been doing and celebrate them together in class, before displaying them on our Chilli Challenge board in the Shared Area. 

Writing and Reading Skills


Early Writing Skills

Please encourage your child to mark make using pens, pencils, paintbrushes etc. Now that they know lots of letters you may find that they write a random string of letters. This is all part of the developmental process.  It is really important at this stage to talk with your child about what they have 'written'. Part of the writing process is children ascribing meaning to marks and children gaining confidence with pencil control. 

Below is an example of mark making. 




Some of you may have children who are now writing simple words and even attempting to write sentences. They may not get all the letters but the sounds should be in the order they hear them in.




Now that children have been bringing home their redaing books for a term our focus is on segmenting, blending and sight reading familiar and tricky words. When reading at home can your child locate the title of the book, author and can they answer questions about the story as they read.


Please share stories as often as you can at home.




The children are beginning Phase 3 in the Spring Term. In this phase the children are introduced to the next set of graphemes, most of them comprising two letters (e.g. sh). They will continue to practise CVC blending and segmentation. They will apply their knowledge of blending and sementing to reading and spelling simple two-syllable words and captions. During this phase the children will explicitly learn the letter names as well as the sounds.


Maths Skills


Please continue to promote counting at home. In class we are learning about a special number. We look at different representations of the number and become familiar with what that number means and how it is made e.g. 7 is 4 and 3. The children will focus on 1 more or 1 less than a given number and will be able to say "1 more than 2 is 3".



This half term the children will also focus on using everyday language related to time. The children will become familiar with the days of the week and sequencing vocabulary such as yesterday, tomorrow etc. 




Outdoor Learning


Learning in the outdoors is really important for Reception as it helps us to work on our gross motor skills, which leads to better writing! We try to go outside and use our outdoor classroom in all weather- so wellies, hats, gloves and scarves (as well as coats) are vital in the winter months.



Other Useful Information