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School closure guidance in Year 3

Spellings - Week beginning 23.3.20

Y3/4 Statutory spelling Words












There are a selection of resources below, including some which we normally use in school, to support the children in learning their spellings.



Unfortunately, we are unable to access the wordshark software whilst school is closed. Children in the wordshark group should focus on the sets of high frequency words below. They may also like to look at the main group spelling words. 


Below are some resources to help children with the first 100 High Frequency Words. 


The following information is to help you support your child at home, both with new learning, as well as prior learning (this has been highlighted). Any help you can provide your child at home would be very much appreciated.


Below you will find a guidance document providing you with curriculum information and useful websites. You will also find useful resources which you can download and use at home. If your child has difficulty completing tasks set, you can access additional resources within other year groups class pages.


Class teachers will monitor and update online forums such as My Maths, Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars regularly. Please note however that, any work completed, will not be marked by class teachers. Any work the children wish to share with the class, such as Chilli Challenges, can be brought in after school reopens.


English objectives we have covered so far this half term:

  • I can use adjectives for impact
  • I am beginning to use descriptive noun phrases for impact.
  • I can use adverbs
  • I can use capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas for lists and apostrophes for contraction mostly correctly

English objectives we intend to cover this half term:

  • I am starting to use a range of fronted adverbials
  • I can use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech (not necessarily other speech punctuation).
  • I can proof-read to check for errors in spelling and punctuation.


Our current class novel is George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. If you have access to this book at home then please continue to read it at your own pace. Alternatively, there is a YouTube link below for a video retelling of the story.


Useful English websites which cover the above objectives: (Twinkl are currently offering some limited free access. They have a range of Y3 appropriate resources which would support our grammar teaching this half term).

George’s Marvellous Medicine retelling

This website has a range of games which would support our objectives. Some of the resources are for Upper Key Stage 2 however.


Maths objectives we have covered so far this half term:

- Measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm).

- Count up and down in tenths.

- Recognise that we find a tenth by dividing an object into 10 equal parts and in dividing one-digit numbers or quantities by 10.

- Recognise, find and write fractions to represent a set of objects.

- Recognise tenths as decimals. 

- Count using other fractions. 


Maths objectives we intend to cover this half term:

- Find fractions of numbers where the numerator is 1 and more.

- Recognise equivalent fractions using a fraction wall.

- Compare fractions using a fraction wall.


Useful Maths websites to access which address the above: (Twinkl are currently offering some limited free access. They have a range of Y3 appropriate resources which would support our Maths teaching this half term). (the children are used to doing this in class and all they need is their login to get going). (this is where the children’s homework will be sent). (this is the scheme of work that is followed for the Maths curriculum in Year 3)


Other areas of the curriculum which could be researched at home:


Our current topic is Modern Egypt. This topic is taking a geography focus. We have been exploring what it would be like to live in Modern day Egypt compared to Ancient Egypt. Egypt has lots of great physical geography features that could be researched, e.g River Nile, deserts. You might even to choose to find out more about the Egyptian capital city Cairo.



Our current science topic is Rocks and Soils. In class we have already learnt about the different types of rocks and we have grouped rocks by their properties. If you would like to do some science research, please find out more about soils, fossils and famous palaeontologists.



Our current R.E topic is ‘What is it like to follow God?’. In class we have been thinking about the promises and the promises that Christians make when following God.  If you would to do some additional R.E learning, then please find out more about special places that Christians may visit. For example, Lourdes.



This half term in computing, we have been exploring how to use PowerPoint. If you would like to continue this at home, then please explore using different types of animations and slide transitions. Additionally, keep practising adding pictures and text to your slides.


Should you have any questions or queries, please email school via the Headteacher email address: stating FAO – name of class teacher.  Your email will then be passed on to the relevant teacher.