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Spelling words we have already learnt

Autumn Term:

Autumn Term:

The /a/ sound:

cat, grab, flat, flatter, flattest, acrobat, guarantee, plait, salmon


The /ay/ sound:

potatoes, favourite, always, male, grate, unsafe, separate, reign, rain


The /e/ sound:

enough, friend, medicine, remember, said, decade, breath, exercise, extreme


The /ee/ sound:

meet. meat, complete, believe, busy, laboratory, nativity, recent, decelerate 


The /i/ sound:

misty, consider, difficult, different, busy, bicycle, myth, pyramid


The /igh/ sound:

lightning, decide, arrive, recline, library, rhyme, cycle, occupy, bicycle 


The /oa/ sound:

boat, groan, go, acrobat, grown, phone, microphone, telephone, globe


The /u/ sound:

love, does, flood, blood, rough, enough, couple, undone, unfair, judge


The /ue/ sound:

use, tune, new, few, jewel, popular, particular, actual, schedule, continue


The /air/ sound:

fare, prepare, care, fair, chair, there, therefore, their, various


The /ear/ sound:

hear, year, appear, disappear, here, interfere, cereal, volunteer, cheer


The /er/ sound:

circle, centre, work, answer, quarter, consider, purpose, early, heard


The /oo/ sound:

who, whose, who's, through, threw, grew, crew, fruit, bruise


Spring Term:

The /or/ sound:

for, forward, important, therefore, four, thought, quarter, caught, talking, August


The /f/ sound:

famous, favourite, frog, shift, February, different, off, difficult, photograph, enough


The /g/ sound:

go, goes, group, greatest, regular, pentagon, diagonal, polygon, guard, guide


The /j/ sound:

join, unjust, jumped, January, project, reject, eject, agent, region, soldier 


The /k/ sound:

increase, acute, active, accident, chorus, chemist, stomach, echo, quarter


The /l/ sound:

lamp, ball, build, early, calendar, length, island, probably, gazelle, library


The /m/ sound:

comment, come, lamb, some, crumb, summary, impossible, morning, demand, thumb


The /n/ sound:

knowledge, increase, reign, entire, gnome, knight, know, annual, design, bond


The /r/ sound:

breath, breathe, group, through, fruit, remember, straight, berry, arrive


The /s/ sound:

interest, describe, disappear, sentence, bicycle, certain, century, missed, scene, notice