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Talk for Writing in Literacy

Writing is hard! It's no wonder that some children get switched off at an early age, when we consider how many skills and elements there are to a good piece of writing: spelling, neat handwriting, capital letters, grammatical accuracy, good use of vocabulary, varied punctuation, capital letters, paragraphs, plot, dialogue, effect on the reader and sentence structure!


At St Matthew's, we use talk for writing to stimulate and ignite the children's imagination in English.  It focuses on children learning the language structures of key text types through rehearsing example texts verbally, whilst also using actions and games, until the text becomes internalised. It appears to then allow children to gain confidence and write pieces of writing which engage the reader and are appropriate to the text type. In other words, children are able to focus on the fun, creative and descriptive parts of their writing without having to worry about the basic structure, as this has already been internalised. Have a look at the pictures below which show the new approach to the writing process.




Here are the actions which we use in our school to act out key words from texts.
Picture 1 Once upon a time
Picture 2 First/One day
Picture 3 Then
Picture 4 Next
Picture 5 Who
Picture 6 Because
Picture 7 But
Picture 8 So/So that
Picture 9 After that
Picture 10 Suddenly
Picture 11 Finally
Picture 12 Happily ever after
Picture 13 Although
Picture 14 Therefore
Picture 15 At that moment
Picture 16 Eventually
Picture 17 Fortunately
Picture 18 Unfortunately
Picture 19 However
Picture 20 Meanwhile/As time passed
Picture 21 Additionally/In addition