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Week commencing Monday 13th July 2020

Week commencing 
Monday 13th July 2020



We are now in the seventh week of the Summer 2 half term and the FINAL week Year 1! We cannot believe that we are now at the end of our time in Year 1. Although our time together has been cut short, we are incredibly happy that we have been able to teach you so thank you for being superstars! Here are a couple of updates:

  • There will be no published home learning content over the Summer holidays.
  • We have lots of Zoom calls this week so please refer to the letter sent by ParentMail on Friday to familiarise yourself with the timetable.
  • The Year 1 email account is going to be closed from Friday 17th July so please, if you have anything that you would like to send us, please send it quick!

Thank you for being so amazing! We hope you have a fantastic Summer holdiay!

Love from Miss Alderson & Miss Harrison


Zoom meetings

We hope that you have enjoyed the last four Zoom meetings that we have had! Thank you for being super smiley and so happy to join us during our meetings. We absolutely loved our Scavenger Hunt this week - we loved having so much fun whilst also being able to see you all. 

This week, you will be having four Zoom meeting: 

  • Phonics lesson
  • Maths lesson
  • Meet your new teacher
  • Celebration

Please refer to the letter that was sent via ParentMail on Friday for further details. 


Meet your new teacher Zoom meeting

We are so pleased that you are going to be able to at least see your new teacher before September. 

If you are in 1HA, Mr Barlow would like you to: 

  • Tell him something that you have really enjoyed doing in Year 1;
  • Tell him your favourite thing about school. 

If you are in 1RH, Mrs Burgener and Mrs Hall would like to you: 

  • Think of any questions that you have about Year 2. 


Raising awareness

A huge thank you to everyone who have sent us their rainbows to help us celebrate the different skin colours in our St. Matthew's community. We have received lots more rainbows! We will collate all of the pictures and display them on a slideshow so we can celebrate our School's diversity. If you haven't sent yours in yet, don't worry - we can keep adding pictures as we receive them. If you're wondering where to find the information from, please look at Week commencing Monday 15th June 2020.


Weekly overview

Below is the weekly overview which outlines the learning objectives (WALTs) that are going to covered in the tasks.

Here is a reminder of how our differentiation works: 

  • 1 chilli mild - the easiest version of the task.
  • 2 chillies medium - the version that we'd expect most children to be able to access. 
  • 3 chillies spicy - a difficult version of the task for children that require a challenge. 
  • 4 chillies super spicy - the most difficult version of the task for the children that require a challenge, having securely understood previous tasks. 

Please don't be afraid to hop between the different levels of challenge.