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Week Commencing Monday 13th July 2020

Weekly Planning

A message from the team


Thank you all for a wonderful year, it has been a different year and one we won't forget. We appreciate you taking on the teacher role and adapting under these different circumstances. 


We have loved working with you all and wish you the best of luck in Year 1, where we know you will have another great year.


We have created a certificate for the children and if your child hasn't returned to school then please email us and we can send you the document.


Have a lovely summer and stay safe!


Zoom meetings


RTF had a brilliant Zoom call last week, thank you for sharing all your special memories from Reception. We have shared so many lovely memories across the year.


Year 1 Teacher Zoom calls


This week you get to meet your Year 1 teacher on Zoom and they're both very excited to see you all and to work with you next year.


They have both asked that you draw the outline of your house and draw the special people you live with inside. Please label your drawings and adults can help if needed. Miss Alderson has made an example and we've attached it underneath. She has done hers on the computer but don't worry, you can choose how you do yours. It could be a picture that you have drawn and coloured. If you'd like your grown up to help with a computer, that's fine too!


RHS Final Zoom Call

We would love to hear your favourite memory from your time in Reception. This could be meeting a friend, visiting the church, singing in the Key Stage 1 Christmas play etc. 


Just a little reminder: 


The host will only admit participants with names that correlate to the class list. Names that will be accepted are the child's first name with initial or the child's surname.The child's full name should not be used. For example, Jo Bloggs will be accepted if her name is 'Jo B' or 'Bloggs'. 

Fine motor


Your fine motor task this week is set by your new teacher and is the task above. Think carefully about your design and make sure you hold the pencil effectively and comfortably and draw carefully to create your best drawing.


Please email a photograph of your work to the Reception email so your current teachers can see your amazing art work too!




Please listen to the book of the week and use the sentences below.


Stem sentences:

    How does Cody feel at the start of the story?

What is Cody worried about?

Why did Cody need to be brave?

Did Cody change her mind on becoming a butterfly?

How did Cody feel at the end of the story?

Have you ever felt worried?


You can also download the Ebook from Twinkl using this link: (if you have a Twinkl account).


We are getting very good at reading and writing words with two adjacent consonants in.


Have you ever noticed a word with three adjacent consonants? Please look in your books for these special words! How many can you find? There are some examples below.

string      bench      screen

Tricky words


This week your tricky words are:



 Can you build the word? You could use Lego, playdough or natural objects found outside!



Have you got some chalk and a sponge?


Please write some CVC words and ask your child to read them. After they have successfully read the words then they can wash the word away! How many can your child read in 60 seconds?


CVC word examples:















Please discuss this special year with your child, discuss their friends, what they like learning, what they’re good at and what they want to get better at.


Support your child to write it down to prepare them for their next exciting chapter at St Matthew's.






This week we're recapping doubling and halving. Please use the videos on the plan and resources below to support your child's understanding.




Coins of the week

We have the final two coins to learn this week. Please discuss the £1 and £2 coin with your child so they're able to recognise it on their own.


Play the ‘which coin is missing’ game. Who can shout the missing coin first?

Can you create your own missing coins game if you have any coins at home?


Cody has got confused with this week’s maths. Please use the resource below to check if he is correct or not. He needs your help!

Understanding the world


Walk down your street and discuss the street with your child (using the stem sentences). After this, support your child to draw / paint your street in your own creative way.


Stem sentences:

Do we live in a house / bungalow / flat?

What is the name of our street?

How many houses are on the street?

What is similar / different about them?

Can you see their numbers?

Can we see any signs?

Creative Tasks


Cody was so worried about becoming a butterfly until he learnt to embrace the wonderful change. Can you create the beautiful butterfly Cody turned into?

Additional resources