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Week Commencing Monday 15th June 2020

Weekly Planning

Zoom call


This Wednesday is our first class Zoom call! We are very excited to see you. You should have received a ParentMail with the link to your class meeting - if you didn't, please contact the School Office as soon as possible. 
This week, we would like all children to bring something that is special to them. This could be a picture, an object, a person or a pet - it can be anything as long as it can be shown on camera. During the call, we will ask each child the following questions so please ensure that you have spoken to your child about this prior to the call. 

  • What is your special object? 
  • Why is it special to you? 

We can't wait to see you on Wednesday!


If you are in RHS you should have received a new Zoom link. Please use the new link for the meeting on Wednesday 17th June.

We're All Different 


In addition to the weekly plan, we would like you to use the following resources to discuss and celebrate differences.


 If you have access to Twinkl then the document is available as an eBook to download ( but if not, then please use the PDF document below.


We would like children to be able to recognise and celebrate the differences in friends, family members and in friends and adults in school with the key message that everyone is equal. 

Cbeebies Everyone's different.mp4

Still image for this video

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat


This week we've based our learning on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat'. Please use the link below to listen to the story about Hamish, Mr and Mrs Grinling's cat.


If you're enjoying these stories- please have a look on YouTube as there are several more to enjoy!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat - Give Us A Story!

You have learnt a little bit about Mr and Mrs Grinling, now enjoy learning about their beloved cat, Hamish.


This week your focus blends are: bl, fl and gl.  How many words can you think of for each blend? Can you write some of them down? After you have done this, please use the PowerPoint below to support your child to read the questions and decide whether the answer is 'yes' or 'no'. You could have pieces of paper with 'yes' and 'no' on and hold up the correct ones. Or, you could just discuss the answers together.

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song



Please listen carefully to the story of the week, The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat. The YouTube link is at the top of this page. Please discuss the story together and compare this story to The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.


Please represent your ideas and share them with Miss Stansfield and Miss Simpson. You might want to use a Venn diagram to show the differences and then the similarities in the middle.


Please create a washing line with your child and choose CVC words for your child to blend. Blending is a tricky skill and can take a while to master and the more you practise breaking words into their sounds the stronger your child's understanding will become.


Possible words:











We would love to read some sentences about Hamish the cat. How many sentences can you write?


Sentence examples:

The cat was sad.

He ran away.

Hamish is helpful.

The cat was the king.

Hamish loved fish.


Rhyming Task


How many words can you think of that rhyme with cat?


How many can you write down in 1 minute?


Our special number of the week is ... 18!

Did you know it was 18? How did you know?


Please represent this number in a variety of ways. You should draw a number line and circle where it sits on the line. You could tell write down one more and one less than 18. Can you draw 18 objects? Can you draw a tens frame and represent 18 in the tens frame? How many frames will you need?

Can you share 18 equally?


We cannot wait to see how you explore with number 18.


Missing Numbers

Please watch the Numberblocks video and then have a go at finding out the missing number in the part-part-whole challenge sheet.


If you are enjoying this task and want to challenge yourself further then please have a go at the missing number challenges below!

Life Cyle of a Frog

As we had such positive feedback from the butterfly life cycle activity, we have decided to focus our understanding the world activity on the life cycle of a frog! Please use the resources below.

Creative Tasks

Can you create Hamish the cat?

Can you show us the frog life cycle in a creative way?