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Week Commencing Monday 18th May 2020

Weekly Planning

Fine Motor Activity 


This week our fine motor activity is all about pencil control. It is an art project called 'Take a line for a walk'. The children will need either a pencil, black pen or crayon to do this activity. They will use their pencil to draw lines on their piece of paper however, their pencil cannot leave the page until it gets back to where it started. It is important that the children create slow and steady lines and they use a variety of shapes for example curved, swirls, zig zags etc.




Below is a video link to demonstrate how to do this. Once you have done the lines you can then colour or paint your picture to create a piece of art.



Taking a line for a walk


Week 6 (Video 1): Adjacent Consonants 'sp'


Week 6 (Video 2): Adjacent Consonants 'br'

Week 6 (Video 3): Adjacent Consonants 'sl'

Week 6 (Video 4): Adjacent Consonants 'cr'




Ruby's Worry

Enjoy listening to Ruby and how she managed to control her worry.

Creative Activities

Family Handprint Activity


Some families are doing the activity below to remember the special time they have enjoyed together.  We thought you might like to do one too!