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Week commencing Monday 1st June 2020

Week commencing 
Monday 1st June 2020



We are now in the first week of the Summer 2 half term! We hope that you enjoyed the 'half term holiday' and made some lovely memories in the glorious weather. Here are a few little reminders:

  • The 'Phonics Actions' that we use for each sound are now available on PowerPoint presentations, along with the picture and the grapheme (letter) that it represents. This is an exact copy of what we use with the children. We are able to send these via OneDrive so please email if you would like a copy. 
  • Please continue to email us to say hello and to share something that you have done at home - this could be home learning or just something exciting that you have done at home. It is the highlight of our day when we are able to read a little email from the children who we normally see every single day. Our email is 

Take care and stay safe, 

Miss Alderson & Miss Harrison

Weekly overview

Below is the weekly overview which outlines the learning objectives (WALTs) that are going to covered in the tasks.

Here is a reminder of how our differentiation works: 

  • 1 chilli mild - the easiest version of the task.
  • 2 chillies medium - the version that we'd expect most children to be able to access. 
  • 3 chillies spicy - a difficult version of the task for children that require a challenge. 
  • 4 chillies super spicy - the most difficult version of the task for the children that require a challenge, having securely understood previous tasks. 

Please don't be afraid to hope between the different levels of challenge.