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Week Commencing Monday 1st June 2020

Weekly Planning

Fine Motor Task


This week we are thinking about the seaside. We would like you to use your cutting skills to make a seaside picture. You may want to print the pictures in the link below alternatively you could draw and cut your own pictures or cut images from old magazines, newspapers etc. 




When using scissors it is important to hold your scissors correctly. A good way to remember is using 'thumbs up'. This reminds the children the thumbs need to be in the top scissor hole. Encourage your child to put their middle finger in the second hole and their index finger either in the same hole or in front of the hole to give good scissor control. This grip strengthens the same muscles that children need for drawing and writing.





This week we are going to be using our phonic knowledge to complete the outdoor challenges from the challenge cards. Can you do at least 1 of the challenge cards each day? Can you make your own challenge cards for your grown up or for Miss Simpson and Miss Stansfield? Ask your grown up to email them in and we will complete the challenges.

Below is a link to the Phase 2 and 3 sounds. In class we rehearse these daily saying both the letter name and sound. This is an activity the children are familiar with and it is useful for building their confidence and memory.




This week we are writing a list of things Teddy might pack to take to the seaside.





Remember to think about being safe in the sun. Can you tell your grown up a way to stay safe in the sun? 






This week can you play bouncy blending in the garden? To do this you need to create or print sound cards. Select sounds to create a word for your child. Alternatively you could chalk words onto a pavement for them to read. The children jump on each sound and say what the sound is. When they get to the end they blend the sounds to read the word.


To start with you may want to use CVC words like bat, put, gul etc. Once you have the hang of the game you can challenge your child with words containing digraphs (e.g. ship, book, rain), trigraphs (hear, pair, pure) or adjacent consonants (frog, crab, brick). Encourage your child to set out a word for you as well!




Below is a link for a blending activity for CVC words using the Phase 2 sounds. This may be useful if your child is finding blending tricky.


Craft Ideas


This week we would love to see some of your amazing artwork. Below are some ideas of things you could create but we would also love to see your own ideas too. Why not ask your grown up to send a picture to the class email so we can see what you have done?

Can you use your own ideas to create the sun?

Can you create an animal that lives under the sea?