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Week Commencing Monday 20th April 2020

Weekly Planning

Below is the weekly planning overview which outlines the learning objectives (WALTs) and the tasks which you could do at home this week.  

Fine Motor Task


Our fine motor task this week is weaving. We want to get those muscles in our hands stronger so please have a go at one of the activities below. We have put up a few different activities so please choose the one you have the resources for.



Your focus digraphs and trigraphs for this week are: ow, oi, ear and air. Miss Stansfield has created a video for each sound and the links are below. Could you write the sounds of the week using your school handwriting? Please try your best not to do any lazy letters! The PDF document below will help you to support your child with their handwriting.

Phonics: ow digraph

Phonics: oi digraph

Phonics: ear trigraph

Phonics: air trigraph

Concentration Task 


Please complete this activity with your child to develop their concentration and focus.

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab

This story is great for mathematical thinking and understanding. How many different ways can you represent number 11 by using animals' legs?

Additional Activities



We have put up some superhero activities as this week we would have started our new superhero topic. Please enjoy Miss Stansfield reading Supertato and think about all the different superheroes we know. We know lots of superheroes in reception that have kindness powers! 

Superhero Finger Spaces


Often children can forget spaces between words whilst writing sentences, we call them “finger spaces”. Please print and use these superhero finger spaces to help support spacing between words.

Maths Ideas


Here are some additional mathematical activities which have a similar focus to the ones on the maths plan for this week. If you are struggling for activities or want to do more maths then please enjoy these resources.  

Superhero Mask


Please use this template or design your own to create your own superhero mask! You can be as creative as you wish to be. You could use different materials to create a collage. Please use whatever resources you have at home. You will also need string or elastic for the mask.

Superhero Colouring Sheets


I have attached a PDF with some superhero colouring in sheets if you need some additional activities at home. Please be aware there are 16 pages on this document so please specify which pages before printing!

Scavenger Hunt

Can you complete this scavenger hunt?

Step by Step Drawings

Can you follow the steps to draw a tulip?
Can you follow the steps to draw a snowdrop?

White Rose Maths


Please don’t forget White Rose Maths are providing resources each week if you feel you need more activities. Here is the link: