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Week Commencing Monday 22nd June 2020

Weekly Planning

Zoom Meeting


We had a brilliant time on our class Zoom calls last week. We are so excited to speak to you all again this week.


Just a little reminder: 



New Topic


Our topic will be 'What is your favourite book'. Please bring a book to show us. Can you think of an answer to the following questions:

1. Why is it your favourite book?

2. Who was your favourite character?



The Invisible String


Our story this week is called The Invisible String. With some children returning to school we thought this would be a nice way to open discussions about people who are special to them. 


"As long as love is in your heart, the invisible string will always be there."


The Invisible String

Enjoy our special story read by Miss Simpson. "As long as love is in your heart, the invisible string will always be there."

Fine Motor


This week can you make a string picture? It would be lovely to see some pictures where you thread the string.




This week your phonics task is a game. Can you either make your own phonics version of snakes and ladders or print the one in the resources below. Carefully read the words the counter lands on. If you do not have a dice at home we have put a template on for you to create your own.



This week can you play the 'Roll and Read' game. You can use this on your screen and write the words you have read or you can print the sheet and colour the words you have read.



This week please use the Phonics Play website to play the 'Reading Robot' game. You can select which phase 2-4 your child would like to use. Encourage the children to sound out and blend the words.




Our new number of the week is number 19. How did you know it was going to be number 19?



This week we are beginning to look at money. We will be focusing on coins up to 5p and we have added a PowerPoint with coins to 10p as well if you would like to use it. If you do not have coins at home do not worry. You could make your own together or you could print and cut the coins in the resources below.





This week can you create labels, price tags and shop signs for your shop. Can you write a receipt if you are the shopkeeper? Can you write a shopping list if you are going shopping?




Creative tasks

Can you create either a picture of love hearts or pictures of people you love?


Can you show how we are all connected?