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Week Commencing Monday 27th April 2020

Weekly Planning

Below is the weekly planning overview which outlines the learning objectives (WALTs) and the tasks which you could do at home this week.  

Fine Motor Task


For our fine motor task this week we would love to see some patterns. Below are some ideas of objects you could use to make patterns. 





There is also a link below for patterns using building blocks in case you would like to use them.



Please watch the videos with your child and support them completing the tasks set within the videos. Miss Stansfield will start each video by recapping the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs to consolidate this knowledge. Additional tasks could include finding objects around the house which have adjacent consonants in (e.g. clock, spoon, plate). Can you find any words containing adjacent consonants in your books? Can you sort the words you have found? Words containing adjacent consonants at the start and then at the end of words? 


Introduction to Adjacent Consonants (nd)

Adjacent Consonants 'ft'

Adjacent Consonants 'mp'

Adjacent Consonants 'nt'

Phase 4 Phonics


We will start teaching phase 4 phonics this week. This means our children will be learning to read and write words that contain adjacent consonants. These words have two or more consonants next to each other and you can hear both sounds. We sometimes call them ‘blends’. We have uploaded a document in this section explaining what phase 4 phonics is. We have also uploaded Phase 4 mats so you can see examples of words containing the blends. Tasks will be set within the video and we will be focusing on the blends at the end of words: nd (e.g. wind), mp, (e.g. lamp), nt (e.g. tent) and ft (e.g. gift). Miss Stansfield will also start each video by recapping all the phase 3 sounds.

Phase 2 and 3 Phonics


Each child is different and some children might need more time consolidating phase 3. This includes writing and reading CVC words (e.g. map, fog, lid). If you feel your child would benefit from extra phase 3 activities please use the resources below to support your child.

Bingo Resources

Literacy resources


Below are some resources you may wish to use at home to support literacy this week.

Maths Resources


Below are some useful maths resources for this week.

White Rose Maths


Please don’t forget White Rose Maths are providing resources each week if you feel you need more activities. Click the link below and select Summer Term Week 2 (W/C 27 April). This week the maths is linked to the book, 'Night Pirates'. You do not need to have the book to use the activities. Day 1 of the activities links nicely with the pattern theme for this week.

Follow the instructions to draw

Draw With Rob 1 Gregosaurus

DrawWithRob is a series of draw-along videos that you can watch with your kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures together.

Colouring and design resources


Lots of the children are enjoying colouring during their time at home. Below are some colouring sheets and design sheets for them to enjoy.

Nature activities


Below is a link to the Woodland Trust website. It has some lovely nature activities to do at home with your child.