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Week Commencing Monday 29th June 2020

Weekly Planning


Zoom Meeting


RTF Message

Thank you for being patient this week as we had a few technical problems. Hopefully the issues will be resolved for next week.


We had a brilliant time on our class Zoom calls last week, thank you for sharing all your favourite books. We have a great class collection of stories altogether. We are so excited to speak to you all again this week.


Just a little reminder: 


The host will only admit participants with names that correlate to the class list. Names that will be accepted are the child's first name with initial or the child's surname.The child's full name should not be used. For example, Jo Bloggs will be accepted if her name is 'Jo B' or 'Bloggs'. 


New Topic


Our topic will be 'special photograph'. Please bring a special photograph to show us. It could be a special person, special animal or special place etc. Can you think of an answer to the following questions:

1. Who is in your special photograph?

2. Why is it special to you?

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go


Please listen to our book of the week and use the stem sentences to discuss the book.


Stem sentences:

What was your favourite part of the book and why?

What did you learn about the seasons?

Which season did the animals hide / hibernate?

Did the book make you have a favourite season?

Did you learn any new facts from the book?

Fine Motor


Please carefully cut out the items and sort them into the 'winter' section or the 'summer' section.


If you don't have a printer at home then please pick 2 summer items and 2 winter items. Carefully draw the items, cut them out and sort them into your 2 groups. After that, please discuss the other items on the screen.


There are no new blends this week. This week we are focusing on learning four new tricky words:





Please choose one of our ideas to support your child to learn to read these words.


You might want to play our updated 'Roll and Read' game. You can use this on your screen and write the words you have read or you can print the sheet and colour the words you have read.

You could choose to make the words with different objects, you could try leaves?

You might want to listen to the tricky words song and spot the new words of the week?

 We have also uploaded a scavenger hunt.

Please use ideas from previous weeks if you would prefer, we know splat the tricky word was popular!


Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

Phase 2 Tricky Words


Please use the Phase 2 Roll and Read if you feel it would be more appropriate.


If your child needs to practise their blending skills then this PowerPoint is a useful tool as it says the sounds and then the word.

Can you blend the sounds and then check you blended it correctly by clicking the speaker button?


If you want to practise your skills further then please play the blending 'Roll and Read' game. You can use this on your screen or you can print the sheet and colour the words you have read. Enjoy!


Please use the resources and stem sentences to help your child build a secure understanding of number 20.


Can you create three different part-part-whole models for number 20?


Please create coin cards and then cards that say the value, these cards should both go up to the value of 10p. You should have 8 cards in total. You can print them if needed. You’re going to take it in turns to turn 2 cards over each and hope that the cards match!

Who is going to be the winner? Good luck!


Please use the additional resources to help your child recognise the four coins we're currently learning.

Our Coins of the Week


Please use the writing prompts to write about summer. At the top of the page it says ‘In summer I see…’ and please use this to start your sentences. You can use other sentence starters if you want but using the same one will help your child to build their confidence with writing.


In addition to this we have also added a sheet linked to our book last week, The Invisible String. This sheet allows the children to write or draw pictures of people they love.


Please listen to the stories on the website and then discuss the seasons together. Please use the resources online to strengthen your child’s understanding.

Creative Tasks