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Week Commencing Monday 6th July 2020

Weekly Planning

Zoom Meeting


Thank you so much for sharing your favourite photographs in our Zoom meeting last week. It was lovely to see the pictures that were special to you and hear why you had chosen them. 


A little reminder



RHS do not have a Zoom meeting this week but will have one in the final week.


This weeks topic:

We would love to hear your favourite memory from your time in Reception. This could be meeting a friend, visiting the church, singing in the Key Stage 1 Christmas play etc. 



Fine Motor


This weeks fine motor task is a drawing task. Please can you draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up. When drawing the picture make sure you take care to draw yourself with arms, legs, head, body, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.







Listen to the story, 'In my Heart' and discuss the following questions.


Stem sentences:

How does your heart feel today?

Which page did you like the best?

What did you learn about feelings?

Does your heart stay sad?

What makes your heart happy?

In My Heart

Enjoy learning about the different feelings we can feel.



This week our phonics focus is reading polysyllabic words. We encourage the children to 'chop' these longer words. For example sandpit




 Chop it: sand   pit


Use the resources below to look at chopping these words. Once you have looked at the 'How to read polysyllabic words' PowerPoint open the second PowerPoint and read the word on the screen. Can you draw a picture of what it is? Can you read 4 of the words?

Tricky words


This weeks tricky words:






Can you build the words? You could use Lego, playdough or natural objects found outside!

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

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With the children starting to think about their transition to Year 1 we thought it would be nice for them to create a memory sheet about their year. You might even want to make your own memory jar.



Discuss things that you have really enjoyed this year. Have a go at writing a sentence about what you liked the best. Remember to use your phonic knowledge to help you write your sentence.



This week we will introduce odd and even numbers. To do this you will need 2 toys and some plates or pots with food/ objects in. For example a bowl with 4 strawberries in. Ask your child to count the strawberries. Then share them between the 2 toys. Do the toys get the same number of strawberries? Yes then that is fair so we say it is even.




Introduce the new coins 20p and 50p.



Play the game fastest finger. Who can touch the given coin the quickest? 


Once you have played the game use the shop picture. Pick an object to buy from the shop picture and discuss which coins you will use to pay for it?

The United Kingdom


Talk together with your child about where they live. Discuss the city of Leeds. Do they know any other cities? Use the PowerPoint to discuss what the UK is and the different parts that make up the UK.


Can you make a picture about a place you have been in the UK?


Creative Tasks


This week we will look at heart crafts to link with the book 'In my heart'. Here are a few ideas of heart crafts you could do. We would love to see some of the hearts you create.