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Week Commencing Monday 8th June 2020

Weekly Planning

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. We know some of you're wanting to give your friends a hug too so please watch this video and see what you can do instead...

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


For our final half term we have adapted our theme to 'summer' as we feel this would be an easier topic to do from home if needed. Our focus this week is on the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

There is a link to the video below if you haven't read the story but this is one of our favourites and we're sure you will enjoy it too!



The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Fine Motor Task

Your fine motor task this week is to make your own sandwich! Please support your child in this activity as we want children to learn this important life skill and to be able to manage the risks involved. This activity will also strengthen their fine motor skills as they are slicing the bread and spreading the butter and possibly the filling. This activity is also linked to your writing task this week. Enjoy!



The focus for this week is tricky words. We will be learning the tricky words so, have and like. Can you build the tricky words? You could use Lego, playdough, beads etc.



Can you create your own tricky word splat game? Write tricky words on a piece of paper. Ask an adult to say one of the tricky words and try and touch it as quickly as you can. Take turns with an adult.




Use the links below to help you learn these tricky words.



Please listen to the story a few times this week and discuss the story together. Can you act parts of the story out to develop your child's understanding? After that, please create a story map to explain the plot and show off your child's understanding!



Can you complete some of the secret word cards. You can display these on a screen for the children and they can either write or say the sounds. Once they know each of the sounds they then need to blend the sounds together to read the secret word. 




If you want to make this more challenging why not introduce a timer and try to beat the clock or see how many words you can read in 1 minute.


Please complete the fine motor task to make your own sandwich independently. After this, please your child to write a set of clear instructions so someone else could make your sandwich too.



This week our number of the week is 17. This is another 2 digit number. What is a 2 digit number? What does the 1 mean in 17?



Can you make 17? You might use pictures, objects and numbers.


Estimation Station


Can you complete the Estimation Station activity below? Remember an estimate is a sensible guess. 




Can you record what you did? Which pot had the most in?

Can you beat the clock?




How many star jumps, hops etc can you do? Why not make this activity a family event? Who can do the most star jumps in 1 minute? Can you record your scores?

Click the link below to see the full activity.

Creative Tasks

Can you create a scene from the story?

Can you create the lighthouse from the story?