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Words we have learnt so far

Words we have learnt so far:

The /air/sound:

fair, bare, various, fare, therefore, there, stair, prepare, bear

The /ear/ sound:

here, disappear, appear, cheer, hear, volunteer, series, spear, superior

The /j/ sound:

jacket, average, join, jumped, imagine, age, magic, knowledge

The /er/ sound:

early, work, circle, quarter, heard, calendar, earth, remember, regular, popular,

The /oo/ sound:

group, soup, fruit, suit, loose, lose, doing, grew, threw

The /or/ sound:

forward, quarter, caught, important, therefore, ordinary, warm, naughty, before

The /f/ sound:

famous, favourite, February, fruit, forward, often, different, difficult, enough, cough

The /g/ sound:

grammar, guard, regular, guide, group, tongue, league

The /j/ sound:

jacket, join, jar, imagine, energy, magic, knowledge, bridge, badge

The /c/ sound:

increase, peculiar, accident, occasion, chemist, chorus, unique, antique

The /l/ sound:

build, calendar, complete, learn, length, island, probably, ball, early, library

The /m/ sound:

morning, thumb, comment, some, impossible, demand, summary, lamb, crumb, come

The /n/ sound:

knowledge, increase, reign, rain, gnome, foreign, knight, morning, know

The /r/ sound:

breath, group, breathe, through, fruit, remember, straight, arrive, berry

The /s/ sound:

describe, disappear, history, interest, perhaps, missed, century, certain, notice, sentence