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Global Gang

Every week on a Tuesday (before Christmas, Thursday after Christmas) after school between 3:30 and 4:00pm the Global Gang, led by Mrs Fishwick, Miss Wadwell and Miss Bowerman, are hard at work ensuring that we continue to do our bit for the environment.


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The school is linked with an Eco Club at our partner school in Delhi.

In Global Gang we have carried out the following projects:

- Recycling old Yellow Pages
- Power Down - a project encouraging us to save our energy in school
- Composting
- Send my friend to school - a global project encouraging people to think about children who can't go to school.
- Mobile phone collection
- Paper recycling in school

The Global Gang recently led an assembly on recycling in school. They have now ensured that each classroom has a green recycling bin for paper and card, and that some Shared Areas and cloakrooms have can recycling bins.

Last year the school took part in a walking to school project where the "Greenest" children won a prize. Well done to all the winners - we are very proud of you!