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Intent statement for Maths:


We can become confident mathematicians


Aims of the Curriculum:


  1. Become fluent in the fundamentals of maths.
  2. Reason mathematically
  3. Solve problems


At St. Matthew’s we follow the mastery principles in order for all of our children to excel. Mastery from an early age lays solid foundations for further development. Facilitating and modelling mathematical vocabulary, through reasoning and discussing mathematical ideas, enables our children to delve deep into the structures of maths from an early age.

We believe that concrete manipulatives and visual models such as 'Whole-Part' and 'Bar Models' can aid in the formation of abstract concepts for our children.


We are enthusiasts of Times Tables Rock Stars and use Numbots and MyMaths to supplement learning at home.

Find out about our approach to teaching the fundamentals of maths to our pupils, and how you could help your child at home, by clicking:

Progression of skills and knowledge in maths